1. General Conversation

    Meet and Greet

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    Whether you just joined or are a long time member, stop by and say hello! This is a place to chat and mingle, tell us who you are, and talk a little about why PORP is important to you.

    The PORP community is young and growing, and we want to hear from you. This group is read by the Executive Committee of PORP, so this is your chance to tell us what you like and don't like, what we are doing right and how we should be doing things differently.

    Let's talk politics! Let's hear your thoughts and questions about politicians, issues, social movements, and current events. Everything in the realm of culture and politics is on the table.

    A place to talk about abstract ideas important to the mission of the Party Of Reason and Progress. Respectful intelligent debate is encouraged. Nastiness, insults, and conspiracy theories are not.


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    Nobody can talk politics all the time (although some of us try). This is a board for getting to know your fellow PORPers other interests: music, pop culture, favorite knitting patterns... whatever you want!

  2. National / International Issues

    General Talk

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    This board is for conversations about national and international issues that don't fit into any of the other groups.


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    Policies related to civil rights, women's rights, LGBTQI rights, religious freedom laws, ethnic and religious discrimination, accessibility and the alternately-abled, genetic discrimination, youth rights and youth voting movements, the question of non-human sentience and personhood, and anything else pertaining to the equal treatment of marginalized or historically disadvantaged groups.


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    Policies related to climate change, sustainability, GMOs, clean energy, oil and coal, recycling and pollution, the EPA, overpopulation, logging and overfishing, whaling, industrial agriculture, conservation, and everything else related to the environment!


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    Policies related to obesity, mental health, vaccination, alternative medicine, health insurance, end-of-life care, medical patents, the FDA, drug legalization, reproductive rights, and anything else related to physical and mental health.

    Science and Tech

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    Policies related to nanotechnology, gene manipulation, space exploration and colonization, robotics, artificial intelligence, technological body modification, automation, self-driving cars, pure research, and anything else pertaining to science and technology.


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    Policies related to public education, textbook policies, standardized testing, Common Core, services for underprivileged children, education funding, promotion of the arts, online schools, for-profit educational institutions, bias in schools, length of the school year,  learning styles, diversity in classrooms, religion in schools, and any other issues related to education and our educational system.


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    Policies related to oil and coal, new energy, solar power, wind power, nuclear energy, algae generators, "clean coal", smart grids, energy deregulation, battery technology, and other issues related to energy production and energy technology.


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    Policy related to infrastructure spending, public transportation, self-driving technology, flying car technology, improved road design, promoting low-fuel transportation alternatives, traffic management strategies, technologically advanced urban planning, smart signal technology, and anything else related to moving people from place to place.

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  3. State / Local Issues

    General Talk

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    This board is for conversations about state and local issues that don't fit into any of the other groups.

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